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Family Court

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Family Court
Family Court 
(215) 686-4000 1501 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, Payments and Other Case Information (215) 686-7466.
No appointments are needed. For more Information on court operations please visit or click on the pdf attached to this article.

You Should Know:
The Family Division, sometimes referred to as Family Court, is one of the three major divisions of the Court of Common Pleas
The Administrative Judge of the Family Division: Honorable Margaret T. Murphy
 (215) 686-7326, Fax: (215) 686-4157
The Family Division is composed of two major divisions or branches: Domestic Relations Division and Juvenile Division.

1. Domestic Relations Division - deals with paternity, support, custody, visitation, and divorce. Domestic Violence cases are also  assigned to the Domestic Relations Branch.
  • The Supervising Judge: Honorable Walter J. Olszewski, Phone: (215) 686-7525
  • Deputy Court Administrator, Domestic Relations Branch: Mary Lou Baker, 14th Floor(215) 686-9378, Fax (215) 686-8858
  • Clerk of Courts: For filing petitions dealing with family court matters, 11th Floor, Phone: (215) 686-3805
  • Child Support (215) 686-8865
  • Child Custody (215) 686-9208
  • Divorce (215) 686-9205
2. Juvenile Division - Juvenile Branch programs include Juvenile Court Operations, Juvenile Probation, and Children and Youth Services (Adoptions). Juvenile courtrooms, juvenile probation, and other juvenile court services are located at the Family Court of Philadelphia.
  • Deputy Court Administrator for the Juvenile Branch: Mario D'Adamo, Esquire, and Glenn S. Bozzacco, Esq. 14th Floor, (215) 686-4004 Fax (215) 854-0193
  • Chief of Juvenile Probation: Faustino Castro-Jimenez, 10th floor, (215) 686-4103
  • Adoption Information (215) 686-4259
  • Juvenile Court Dates (215) 686-4155
  • Truancy Court (215) 686-4048
TitleFamily Court
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